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Working process of the round pelletizing equipment in the production of organic fertilizer

The equipment used in organic fertilizer production line for polishing round particles is called organic fertilizer particle polishing machine. The organic fertilizer granule polishing machine is a new type of ball shaping equipment which is improved on the basis of the traditional granulation. The new round throwing machine realizes continuous feeding and discharging, and improves production efficiency.

The columnar granular materials rotate with the shaping disc under the action of friction force. The shaping cylinder is fixed. In this way, the columnar materials in the shaping cylinder rotate in a twist like manner along the edge of the shaping disc and the wall of the shaping cylinder under the action of centrifugal force. When the continuous feeding reaches the first stage of the whole plate, the discharging height of the discharging port automatically enters into the next stage shaping plate.
fertilizer ball polishing machine

The material coming out of the primary shaping disc has changed from columnar to irregular round granular. After the same movement of the lower-level plastic plate, after coming out of the multi-level plastic plate, it becomes a uniform and bright round granular organic fertilizer (higher moisture content). Then transport to the next drying section. The ball shaping machine is used in the production of organic fertilizer. The particles produced by rotary drum granulator and disc granulator are spherical and do not need to be rounded.