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Process flow of new type organic fertilizer granulator

 At present,there are mainly two kinds of granulation processes:one is the extrusion granulation process from the excessive production of feed,the other is the disc granulation process.How can we produce the organic fertilizer granulator by using the new type organic fertilizer granulator?Different type fertilizer granulator machine to be used by using different type producing method.The new type organic fertilizer granulator machine is a new organic fertilizer equipment to make organic fertilizer granulator.
In organic fertilizer production line,the paticles produced by the roller press granulation process are cylindrical,and the particles produced by the disc granulation process are of different sizes,poor roundness,bottom strength and rough surface.Therefore,the fertilizer produced by the two processes has low particle strength and is shipped to customeers for many times.Half of them are powdery.What's more,due to the different sizes and shapes of fertilizer particles,the appearance of fertilizer particles is not round,smooth,uneven and rough,which is easy to be cut off by customers when sowing,so it is not popular and directly affects the product market.
organic fertilizer production line
The new type of organic fertilizer granulator has the advantages of uniform particle size,accurate roundness,bright and smooth surface,large particl strength,high pelletizing rate of 98% and low pelletizing return,so it can reduce engery consumption and increase output.What's more,it has greatly improved the quality and image of granular fertilizer products,which can make the products superior in the market and sell well.
As the professional fertilizer machine manufacturers,designing more new type fertilizer granulator machine and fertilizer production line to finish the fertilizer manufacturing process.In organic fertilizer production line,using these fertilizer equipment,it is easy to make organic fertilizer production process,and at the same time,it is also simplifies the working process of producing the organic fertilizer granulator.Sometimes,the same type fertilizer granulator machine can also used in organic fertilizer production line,it also can be used in npk fertilizer production line to make compound fertilizer granulator.