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Precautions for using NPK fertilizer mixer

During the operation of NPK production line, the fertilizer mixer and other equipment should be checked frequently. In case of abnormal noise, impact, vibration and sharp temperature rise, it should be checked immediately and the operation can be continued after troubleshooting.
fertilizer mixer

1. Before commissioning the mixer, add gasoline or kerosene, clean the parts in the tank and oil pool after running, and then add gear oil and put it into operation.

2. Before commissioning, manually climb the belt pulley to make the main shaft idle for several weeks, and start it only after confirming that there are no obstacles and abnormal phenomena.

3. When starting the main engine, it is necessary to wait for the motor to reach the rated speed, and then make the clutch combine slowly. Do not use too much force to damage the parts and reduce the service life of the machine.

The major repair and maintenance of fertilizer mixer is carried out once a year, and the medium maintenance is carried out once a month. All mechanical sliding parts must be added with grease to ensure the flexibility of equipment operation. The normal treatment of the fertilizer mixer can make the raw material conform to the processing of the fertilizer granulator.