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Packaging System and Selection of NPK Fertilizer Production Line

 NPK fertilizer production line industry granular material quantitative packaging system commonly used bucket quantitative packaging scales, divided into two types of pneumatic and electric.

1. Pneumatic quantitative packing scale and electric quantitative packing scale
A wide range of pneumatic quantitative packaging scales. The advantages are fast packaging speed, fewer electronic components, and simple failure judgment. The disadvantage is that the ambient temperature is required, especially in high-cold areas in winter, there is a risk of icing in the air pipelines in the buildings without heating, which affects the braking system, so anti-icing measures should be taken in high-cold areas.
Electric quantitative packing scales have only appeared in recent years, and manufacturers are mainly concentrated in Harbin. The original intention is to adapt to the use in alpine regions. The advantage is that no anti-icing measures need to be taken. The disadvantage is that there are many electronic components, the circuit is complicated, and the failure is difficult to judge. The packaging speed is slower than the pneumatic quantitative packaging scale.

2. Hanging mode selection of quantitative hopper
No matter what kind of quantitative packaging scale, we think that the 3-point type hanging hanging weighing hopper has good stability, but the price is relatively high. 3 sensors are needed. If a fault occurs, you need to determine which sensor is faulty. The stability of the measuring hopper is worse (there may be some problems with the design of the side-hanging packaging scale used by me), but the price is relatively cheap, using only 1 sensor, the stability of the 2-point hanging weighing hopper is generally Not recommended for high speed packaging.

3. Selection of control table for quantitative packing scale
General pneumatic scales with F701 series have good performance, fast speed, high precision, and easy to master adjustment methods. Although the price is relatively high, but the value is good, the electric scale instruments are free from the manufacturers and are different.

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