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Working principle and characteristics of organic fertilizer throwing machine

Organic fertilizer throwing machine is vital organic fertilizer production equipment in organic fertilizer production line. The organic fertilizer throwing machine is also a kind of organic fertilizer granulator machine. The organic fertilizer throwing machine uses the new technology of double-disk high-speed polishing and shaping, which is widely applicable to the direct application of organic materials such as animal manure, urban sludge, distiller's grains, straw, and peat, granulation, production of pure organic, organic-inorganic, bio-organic fertilizer, and rounding process after extrusion granulation of bio-organic fertilizer.

Organic fertilizer throwing machine is divided into single throwing machine, double throwing machine, three-layer throwing machine. The rounding process in the chemical and feed production process enables the initially extruded columnar particles of organic fertilizer to obtain a continuous high-speed rotating material flow in the shaping zone. The high-speed rotation of the particles and mutual grinding allow them to form spherical particles. The spherical particles initially formed in the first shaping area automatically flow into the second shaping area to continue the shaping and then flow out of the shaping machine. As the moisture content of the granules is controlled at about 30-35%, the powder formed during the organic fertilizer production line process will instantly adhere to the surface of the granules, and the ball formation rate will be more than 95%. It is a equipment of choice for making pellets for small and medium-sized chicken farm, organic fertilizer plant and feed plant.

Organic fertilizer rounding machine has the characteristics of novel design, unique structure, wide applicability of raw materials, large production capacity, high operating reliability, low production cost, high ball formation rate, uniform, smooth, round and high strength particles.