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Organic fertilizer production line fermentation process easy to appear misunderstanding


In the process of fermentation and stacking in the organic fertilizer production line, there are several common misunderstandings that need attention.

1, some people may over-turn the pile, trying to speed up the fermentation process, however, excessive stacking may destroy the fermentation environment of organic fertilizer, affecting the fermentation effect.

2, it will ignore the frequency and depth of the fermentation compost turning machine, which may lead to inadequate fermentation process and affect the quality of organic fertilizer.

3, adding too much water to organic fertilizer, thinking that this can speed up the fermentation process, but too much water may lead to the fermentation environment is too humid, but affect the fermentation effect.

4, in the fermentation process of organic fertilizer equipment is not properly ventilated, which may lead to insufficient oxygen content in the fermentation environment, affecting the activity of microorganisms.

These errors are what we need to pay attention to in the process of fermentation on the organic fertilizer production line. The correct approach should be to reasonably control the frequency and depth of turning according to the type and nature of organic fertilizer, avoid excessive turning, and maintain proper humidity and ventilation.

In general, the correct operation in the fermentation process of the organic fertilizer production line is crucial to ensure the quality and effect of organic fertilizer. Only by avoiding these common misunderstandings can we ensure that the production process of organic fertilizer proceeds smoothly and achieves the desired results.