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Organic fertilizer production technology - aerobic composting technology

Aerobic composting technology is an important technical means for the disposal of organic waste, especially suitable for the realization of fertilizer and substrate of agricultural solid waste. For industrialized processing of organic fertilizer, compost turning machine is usually used to ensure the smooth progress of aerobic fermentation.

Aerobic composting is the absorption, oxidation, and decomposition of waste by aerobic bacteria under aerobic conditions. Through their own life activities, microorganisms oxidize part of the absorbed organic matter into simple inorganic matter, and at the same time release the energy required for the growth of microorganisms, while the other part of the organic matter is synthesized into new cytoplasm, so that the microorganisms continue to grow and reproduce. The process of producing more organisms. Under artificial control, under certain moisture, C/N ratio and ventilation conditions, the waste organic matter is converted into fertilizer through the fermentation of microorganisms. This process is called aerobic composting.

The compost is granulated with fertilizer granulator. The raw materials mixed in organic matter are different, which can meet the needs of different regions and crops. After compost is processed into commercial organic fertilizer, the effect is better and the value is higher. In order to renew soil organic matter, organic fertilizer must be added. Obviously, it is very important to apply organic fertilizer to improve soil fertility.
Organic fertilizer production technology - aerobic composting technology

Aerobic composting technology is the most effective industrial means to dispose agricultural solid waste, ferment it into organic fertilizer and realize resource utilization. NPK production line can not replace the processing of organic fertilizer. Countries all over the world attach great importance to the application of advanced engineering technology to improve the industrialization level of aerobic composting technology, so that the composting technology is developed towards mechanization, environmental protection, high efficiency and integration.