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How to produce organic fertilizer?

Organic fertilizer manufacturing process refer to commercial organic fertilizers that do not contain specific fertilizer effects and are processed and deodorized by high-temperature treatment using livestock waste, straw, agricultural by-products and solid waste processed in food processing, organic waste, and urban sludge. It has the advantages of improving the efficiency of farm soil to improve fertilizer efficiency, but also has its own characteristics:

fertilizer production line

1.High organic matter content, generally greater than 30%, and some as high as 60%.
2.The harmless standard is high, and the refined organic fertilizer has undergone 4-5 days of high temperature treatment during the production process, which can effectively kill the pathogenic microorganisms, pests and weed seeds in the raw materials, making the fertilizer hygienic standard significantly better than farm fertilizer To meet the standards issued by the Ministry.
3.Low cost, refined organic fertilizer raw materials mostly use agricultural wastes and by-products, with a wide range of sources, usually using simple high-temperature rapid processing technology to evaporate a large amount of water in the raw materials, rapid deodorization, rapid dehydration, low energy consumption, production The cost is low and economical.
4.Refined organic fertilizers mainly provide organic matter and a small amount of nutrients, which has the advantage of rich organic matter. However, due to the low nutrient content (about 6%), it usually can not meet the needs of crop growth. Generally, it needs to be used in conjunction with inorganic fertilizers.