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Rabbit manure as raw materials will contribute to organic fertilizer production


Rabbit manure is a high-quality and high-yield organic fertilizer.

The equipment that needs to be configured for the powdery rabbit manure organic fertilizer production line is:
Turning machine forklift feeder - new vertical crusher drum screener - cache silo - powdered organic fertilizer packaging machine.
batching system

In organic fertilizer production line, it is to be equipped with the fermantation compost turner machine to ferment the raw materials that the series fertilizer machine can use the simple compost turner machine to ferment the raw materials.And then it is to be equipped with the fertilizer mixer machine and fertilizer crusher machine to deal with the raw materials. Next, when producing the organic fertilizer granulator, the fertilizer granulation machine are necessary to be equipped in the fertilizer manufacturing process. In organic fertilizer production line, we can use the double roller granulator machine which it is also to be equipped in organic fertilizer production line to finish the production process of the organic fertilizer granulator. The double roller granulator machine generally to be used by using the dry granulation method to finish the production process. This point is different from the rotary drum granulator machine that it is usually to use the wet granulation method to produce the fertilizer granulator.

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