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The organic fertilizer machine factory tells you not to use these four kinds of organic fertilizers

Based on years of experience in production equipment, the organic fertilizer granulator machine manufacturer tells you the raw materials that must not be used:

1. Urban sewage sludge: Although these raw materials contain a certain amount of organic matter and nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium components, do not need to pay for raw materials, and the processing cost is low, heavy metals and Escherichia coli are in a serious state, which is easy to cause dead roots and dead trees, and malignant transformation after application.

2. Sludge deposited by industrial wastewater: Although this kind of sludge also contains a lot of elements and organic matter, heavy metals also seriously exceed the standard, which will cause rotten roots and dead trees and seriously pollute the soil.
organic fertilizerorganic fertilizer

3. Paper mill waste: the main component of the fertilizer is lignin. It's a kind of hard to absorb organic matter. In addition, a lot of chemical raw materials are added in papermaking process, most of which remain in waste products. It has great damage to the soil and the root system of trees.

4. Weathered coal: It belongs to apparent organic matter and cannot be used as a carbon source for soil microorganisms. The effective ingredient in weathered coal is humic acid, and what is not further processed is an ineffective organic nutrient. These raw materials need to be further processed by the fertilizer production line.

The use of organic fertilizer production line equipment can not only easily dispose of industrial waste and improve the environment, but also improve the soil. The compost turning machine will ferment the manure into usable organic fertilizer, and the organic fertilizer can supplement the required nutrients. Many agricultural producers now benefit from the use of organic fertilizer processing equipment. Organic fertilizer production equipment can completely replace labor. How much is the organic fertilizer equipment? What are the supporting equipment for organic fertilizer? How to manage an organic fertilizer plant? These can consult us.