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How to solve the problem of fertilizer caking?

Organic fertilizer machine manufacturers tell you how to deal with fertilizer agglomeration. The problem of fertilizer agglomeration is mainly related to the fact that materials often agglomerate during the production and use of fertilizers. Caking problem? How to avoid these problems? Problems such as agglomeration, flatulence, and precipitation generally lead to three common problems in the organic fertilizer spherical granule machine: moisture absorption in fertilizer granules, surface dissolution (deliquescence) evaporation, and recrystallization. These problems are related to the raw material of fertilizer, humidity, temperature, external pressure and storage time.

The fertilizer production line is generally non-closed production. During the production process, the greater the air humidity, the easier it is for the fertilizer to absorb moisture and agglomerate. The weather is dry or the raw materials are dry, and the fertilizer is not easy to agglomerate. The higher the room temperature, the spherical particles of organic fertilizer dissolve in their own crystal water, resulting in agglomeration.

Tumble dry and cool. After the organic fertilizer granulator machine is granulated, it is dried with a dryer, which uses heat energy to heat the material and vaporize the moisture in the material. Removing moisture from materials requires a certain amount of heat energy. Air is usually used to dry the material. Organic fertilizer cooling equipment, after the mixed fertilizer is dried, the temperature is still high, if it is directly packaged without cooling, it will cause moisture absorption and agglomeration, which will affect the product quality. In actual production, cooling equipment must be installed, ventilation measures must be taken, and the temperature must be forced to cool down. At present, the commonly used cooling equipment includes rotary cooler, boiling cooler and vibrating fluidized bed cooler, among which rotary cooler is the most widely used.

Coating machine: Add a layer of coating agent on the surface of the particles to make the appearance of the particles more round and beautiful, with better quality, and to facilitate the permanent storage of materials without agglomeration and deterioration.

Use conditioners (anti-caking agents). Currently, diatomaceous earth, kaolin, clay and talc are commonly used conditioners. They attach to the surface of the fertilizer granules and prevent contact between the granules to form crystalline connections.