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How to produce organic fertilizer by composting fermentation equipment

There are many kinds of fermentation methods in fermentation equipment, mainly including compost turning machine and fermentation tank. We focus on the production of organic fertilizer compost turner equipment, accumulated many years of industry experience, serving many customers from the idea to realize the production of organic fertilizer process. As an organic fertilizer equipment manufacturer, our experience has helped our customers avoid detours and accelerate the realization of profits.
composting fermentation equipment

The fermented materials are added into the proportioning system for mixing and crushing, and then enter the organic fertilizer granulator machine for granulation. The granulated particles enter the dryer to dry off the excess water, and then enter the cooler to cool down. The cooled particles enter the sieving machine for sieving, and the unqualified large particles are returned to the pulverizer to crush, and the unqualified small The granules enter the granulator to continue granulation and enter the circulation system; the qualified products enter the coating machine for coating and then packaging.