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How many tons of organic fertilizer can 10,000 sheep produce in a year?

 10,000 sheep farms, how much sheep manure can be produced every day, and how many tons of sheep manure organic fertilizer can be made? This is a simple estimate, an adult sheep produces about 1.5kg of manure per day. 10,000 sheep can produce 15 tons a day, and the annual output of manure is 5,475 tons. After dehydration and fermentation, 3 tons of sheep manure can be processed into about 2.2 tons of sheep manure organic fertilizer, and 5,475 tons of sheep manure can be processed into about 2,488 tons of organic fertilizer. The processing output is large. It can be equipped with a set of 5000 tons. This 5,000-ton organic fertilizer production line is not large in scale, and the investment amount is not too much.

The 5,000-ton organic fertilizer production line can produce powdery and granular fertilizers according to market demand. The 5,000-ton organic fertilizer production line equipment includes: fermentation turning machine, semi-wet material pulverizer, mixer, rotary drum granulator, screening machine, drum dryer, granule spheronizer, and coating machine. It can also be matched with a weighing packaging machine for automatic weighing and sealing packaging.

How much does a set of small sheep manure organic fertilizer production equipment cost? Small-scale organic fertilizer production equipment generally refers to a production line with an annual output of less than 10,000 tons. For a 5,000-ton sheep manure organic fertilizer production line, the investment amount is about 80,000 to 100,000 yuan. This is a powdered organic fertilizer production line. If it is a granular organic fertilizer production line, tens of thousands of yuan of equipment will be added for organic fertilizer granulation (the fertilizer granulator machine price is also different). Organic fertilizer equipment is a good choice for processing cattle and sheep manure.

The entire process of producing sheep manure organic fertilizer on the assembly line is automated, and the fermentation time of sheep manure is much shorter than that of traditional methods, and the fermentation is more thorough. The processed fertilizer is more in line with the standards of organic fertilizers sold in the market. Our company's organic fertilizer machine manufacturers specializes in the production of organic fertilizer equipment, organic fertilizer dryers, organic fertilizer granulators, organic fertilizer turning machines, organic fertilizer pulverizers and other organic fertilizer production equipment.