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How long does it take for organic fertilizer fermentation equipment to process compost

According to different raw materials, organic composting fermentation equipment can be divided into high temperature composting and ordinary composting. High temperature composting takes plant materials with high fiber content as the main raw materials, and generates a lot of heat through composting and fermentation under aerated conditions. The temperature of composting is very high (50-60 degrees Celsius). Therefore, it matures quickly, composts quickly and has high nutrient content. The following NPK production line manufacturers introduce how long it takes for organic fertilizer fermentation equipment to process.

Fermentation composting and turning of organic manure

Most organic fertilizer products are fermented for 15-20 days. During the fermentation, the compost turning machine is used to treat the materials, which can only reach the harmless standard. The fermentation process of high-quality organic compost generally takes 45-60 days. This is because in the early heating and high temperature stage of composting, harmful microorganisms such as plant pathogens, insect eggs and weed seeds will be killed, but the main role of microorganisms in this process is metabolism and reproduction, and only a small amount of metabolites are produced, which are unstable and easy to be absorbed by plants.
organic fertilizer fermentation equipment to process compost

In the later period of cooling, microorganisms decompose organic matter and produce a large amount of metabolites that are beneficial to plant growth and absorption, which takes 45-60 days. Through this process, composting can achieve three goals: harmlessness; humification; and a large number of microbial metabolites, such as antibiotics and proteins.

In the high temperature fermentation process, it can kill pathogenic bacteria, insect eggs and weed seeds. Ordinary compost is usually mixed with more soil, the fermentation temperature is low, the decomposition process is slow, and the composting time is long. During the composting process, the chemical composition of nutrient differentiation changes, the carbon to nitrogen ratio decreases, the mineral nutrients directly absorbed by plants increase, and humus is formed. The decomposed compost is suitable for processing high-quality organic fertilizer with a fertilizer granulator.