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Green manufacturing is the consensus of organic fertilizer equipment


Green manufacturing emphasizes the sustainable utilization of resources through comprehensive utilization and recycling of resources, substitution of scarce resources, energy saving and consumption reduction. At the same time, reduce the generation and discharge of waste and pollutants, improve the compatibility of production and consumption processes with the environment, and ultimately achieve the optimization of economic and environmental benefits. The greening of the whole life cycle of organic fertilizer equipment is an important trend in the development of organic fertilizer production line technology in the future, which mainly includes the following five links: First, the greening of product design of organic fertilizer processing equipment. In order to meet the needs of energy conservation and emission reduction, the database and knowledge base for ecological design and related technical specifications and standards should be established. In order to meet the requirements of recycling and remanufacturing of waste mechanical and electrical products, it is necessary to consider the structure's easy disassembly, easy recovery and easy repair in the design stage. The second is the greening of equipment process materials. The process materials used in the manufacturing process are developing rapidly, and those traditional process materials that pollute the environment and threaten human health will be gradually replaced. Third, the manufacturing process green. Compared with the traditional forming process, the material utilization rate can be increased by 20% to 40%, the processing time can be eliminated or greatly reduced, and the goal of energy saving and consumption reduction can be achieved. It is a green manufacturing process with great prospects for promotion and application. In addition, basic manufacturing processes such as powder metallurgy, which have the characteristics of short integrated process of material preparation and part forming, are also worthy of attention and promotion. Fourth, the product packaging green. Environment-oriented product packaging design, packaging materials, packaging structure and packaging waste recycling will become the mainstream development trend of packaging. The goal is to minimize resource consumption and waste generation. Fifth, organic fertilizer processing equipment processing and recycling green. The remanufacturing technology of used parts has successfully solved the problems of wear, crack, fatigue and damage of these parts.