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Fertilizer granulator factory introduces the function of organic fertilizer application in orchard

Any fruit needs organic fertilizer. It is not good to grow without fertilizer. But in the orchard, the distribution of organic fertilizer, fertilizer granulator processing special commercial fertilizer, what kind of fruit organic fertilizer should be used. Now let's talk about the organic fertilizer in the orchard.

Organic fertilizer can promote the growth of Apple root system. For example, after the application of organic fertilizer in orchard, the activity of apple tree roots increased, the number of white roots increased, and the degree of rooting and senescence decreased. Moreover, the number of active cells increased at the most, with strong metabolism and long duration. The absorption and comprehensive ability of the whole root system were improved.

Applying organic fertilizer to the soil can improve fruit quality and reduce fruit physiological diseases such as apple reduction disease and chickenpox. In the case of insufficient organic fertilizer, it can reduce or eliminate diseases and improve fruit appearance and food quality. Since the main organic fertilizer humic acid can activate certain synthetic enzymes on fruit trees, promote the accumulation of fruit dry matter and sugar, adjust the sugar-acid ratio, maintain good flavor, and improve fruit quality.
orchard organic fertilizer

Orchard surveys show that the organic matter content of the soil is positively correlated with the sugar content of apple fruits. Adding sheep manure can produce fruits with moderate sweetness and sourness and strong aroma. Sheep manure was composted and fermented, and then processed by compost turning machine.

Organic fertilizer can also improve the appearance of fruits. Studies have shown that organic fertilizer can significantly increase the anthocyanin content of the fruit epidermis and the fruit color index. Orchards using green manure or sheep dung have more whole red fruits than orchards using compound fertilizer processed by the NPK production line. The organic fertilizer itself contains a variety of organic and inorganic nutrients and biologically active substances, with good nutritional balance and comprehensive nutrition, which is beneficial to improve the nutritional quality and appearance quality of the fruit.