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Small organic fertilizer granulation equipment and fermentation equipment

Small organic fertilizer equipment is now the first choice of many small breeding enterprises, small village-run organic fertilizer enterprises and other enterprises and individuals who have joined the organic fertilizer industry.
organic fertilizer granulator machine

Small-scale organic fertilizer granulator machine is mostly extrusion granulation. The main types are flat die extruder, screw press, ring die extruder, etc. The working principle is to push the material through a certain thrust or pressure. The die plate is extruded to form uniform columnar granules, which are directly packaged as finished products, or enter a rounding machine for secondary rounding to form round granules and package them as products. If the moisture content of the granules is too large, it can also be performed simply dried as product packaging.

In addition, the fermentation equipment in the organic fertilizer production line is also an indispensable link. At present, the aerobic fermentation mode is mostly used for the fermentation of organic raw materials, and the fermentation equipment is also diverse. However, what is most suitable for the continuous pool fermentation mode of organic fertilizer companies is the high-efficiency turning machine newly developed by organic fertilizer equipment manufacturers. This model is a patented product developed by our company and is at the leading level in China. Features of organic fertilizer fermentation equipment:
1. The compost turning machine has a high planing efficiency, with a span of up to 16 meters. It can be planed at one time without moving forward and backward, which is 8-10 times the efficiency of the traditional planing machine.

2. Low energy consumption, the equipment adopts frequency conversion control, which can adjust the operating speed according to the actual situation of the material, and the product quality is stable.

3. The fermentation effect is good. The thickness of the fermentation material in the tank is 90-150cm. Continuous natural aerobic fermentation is provided by the oxygen provided by the material in contact with the air when it is opened by natural ventilation and no need to add an aeration system to save investment.

4. This equipment relies on turning gears for high-speed rotary turning of planing materials. The materials formed in the early stage of fermentation have large chunks of moisture. In the middle and late stages of fermentation, under the continuous impact of the turning teeth, they are gradually broken into small pieces until powdery. Therefore, the organic material fermented by this equipment can be directly used for granulation without secondary crushing, which saves the process and reduces the production cost of organic fertilizer.