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Why is there a market prospect for processing granular potassium fertilizer?

 The most basic variety of potassium fertilizer is potassium chloride, which is rich in resources, simple in handling, and high in potassium. It is the most widely used potassium fertilizer, and is also the basic potassium source of potassium sulfate and potassium nitrate, accounting for about 90% of the total. Potassium sulphate is mainly suitable for use in avoiding chlorine crops, which can improve crop yield and quality. Potassium nitrate can not only be used to improve potassium but also provide nitrogen. It is an important raw material for the NPK fertilizer production, and it is a physiological neutral fertilizer.


The raw materials for the production of potash are mainly soluble potassium ore, potassium-containing brine and a part of water-insoluble potassium minerals. Soluble potassium-containing minerals such as potassium salt, carnallite, potassium magnesium strontium and potassium magnesium strontium are the main raw materials for the production of potash in the world today. Potassium-containing brines include underground brines, salt lake brines and sea salt brines. Salt lake brines have high potassium content and are ideal raw materials for potash production. The water-insoluble potassium-containing minerals have a low potassium content, and it is difficult to prepare potassium fertilizer, and the production cost is high.

The market demand for granular potash is large, and the prospects for development and utilization are broad. Granular potassium fertilizer has good physical properties, no dust during loading and unloading, no agglomeration for long-term storage, easy to spread when fertilizing, and can also play a slow release effect, improve the utilization rate of fertilizer, and its production meets the needs of the market. Extrusion granulation is the most viable process for the manufacture of granular potash in the world. At present, the world's most advanced extrusion granulation technology is roll extrusion granulation, it uses the roller press fertilizer granulator machine, which has the characteristics of low energy consumption, low investment, no need to add additional binder, large size range of raw materials used, wide range of capabilities, etc., and better economic benefits.

Potassium fertilizer is the basic fertilizer for crop production. China's soil potassium deficiency has become a consensus, and China is a country with serious shortage of potassium resources. The contradiction between supply and demand of potash fertilizer is very prominent, which has seriously restricted the development of high-efficiency agriculture in China. Therefore, it is necessary to base on the characteristics of China's potash resources, develop strengths and circumvent weaknesses, strengthen research on potash production technology, give full play to resource advantages, and obtain better benefits with less investment.