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How to use flat die granulator and the precautions for use in organic fertilizer manufacturing process

 We are one of leading fertilizer machine manufacturers in China, producing different series of fertilizer machinery, such as fertilizer granulator machine, and also helping customers to configure fertilizer production lines, including organic fertilizer production line, NPK fertilizer production line, bio-organic fertilizer production line, etc. The process provides a multi-faceted help for the customer's fertilizer production.

The flat die granulator is a fertilizer granulator machine commonly used in the in organic fertilizer manufacturing process and biofertilizer production. It can produce cylindrical granules, and can also be connected with polishing equipment to make cylindrical granules roll into balls at once, without returning materials, and high globizing rate, strong strength, beautiful and durable, it is the ideal equipment for the production of organic fertilizer and pellets for feed production.

When using it, it should be noted that there should be no hard objects such as stones and iron blocks in the raw materials. After the roller has been working for more than ten shifts, it needs to be disassembled, and the bearing is coated with high temperature resistant grease to make the roller work well and prolong the service life of the bearing; When the granules are in contact with the stencil, the granules are not allowed to contact with the stencil; if the granules are broken or pressed, the crude fiber material formula should be reduced to less than 50%.

If there is no granulation or no discharge during granulation, the membrane should be removed, and after the hole is opened, the fiber material can be re-started and granulated by adding some fiber materials. The tightness of the belt should be checked frequently, and the gearbox has Oil leakage phenomenon in time to replace the oil seal. Clean up the residual body in the body in time.

Usage: After the hyperbolic gear oil is added to the gearbox, it can be turned on; the granule machine is installed smoothly, the belt is tightly tightened, the steering is normal, and the screws of each part are loosened. The loosening screw on the roller shaft seat is loosened. After the machine is in the no-load state, it can be put into use after it is started normally.

For the first time use of the new machine, take 10 kg of grass powder (or sawdust) fine sand 2 kg plus (about 1.5 kg) vegetable oil or waste engine oil and mix well. Twist the gap screw to the gap between the roller and the template at 0.1-0.3 mm. Make two pressing roller speed is consistent. Gradually add oily material, the extruded particles are repeatedly squeezed, so that the film hole is smooth, then slowly add the mixture material for production. If the film hole resistance is large, the output is low or no material can be discharged. The above method repeatedly grinds the membrane plate to make the membrane pores smooth and smooth before production.

When the material is processed, if there are more fine fibers, appropriate water should be added. If there are less fine fibers in the mixture, the amount of water added can be reduced as appropriate. The moisture will evaporate during the extrusion process; the roller is in a free state, and the upper and lower storage materials are removed after the shutdown, especially the remaining material under the tray to avoid damage to the bearing.