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BB fertilizer mixer machine for production line

 Advantages of bb fertilizer manufacturing process.

(1)simple BB fertilizer production line features: less investment, small footprint, mechanical transmission, hybrid inuitive and reliable.
(2)semi-automatic BB fertilizer production line feature: manual quantitative, low investment, high efficiency; continuous mixer for continuous production operations;yield, long life and other characteristics.
(3)Automatic BBfertilizer equipment feature: using a variety of ingredients automation, greater accuracy and batchine recipe recipes stability; ingredirnts mixing speed, contact with air time, not easy to produce fertilizer absorbent damp; unique seismic devices to measure and precisely, in a more complex working conditions stable job, come with fast, accurate, high precision;
(4)control instrumentation is simple, easy to use, store multiple recipes, can be set at any time by the electronic contrl device to achieve automatic control.
(5)reduce investment, BB fertilizer equipment is due to set ingrediets, mixing, packaging in one, reducing raw materials and mixed repeatedly improved, thereby reducing equipment investment.

mixer for bb line

BB fertilizer mixing machine is the production of powdered formula fertilizer production equipment, it is possible to mix powdered particles of powder can be blended mix, it is divided into simple, semi-automated and fully automated.Next to put the raw material into organic fertilizer granulation machine to make into granulator.