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Fertilizer production line factory tells you how long the fertilizer will take effect

The fertilizer with quick effect is not necessarily good fertilizer. A large number of hormones or a large number of low nitrogen fertilizers are added to the fertilizer. Such fertilizer often causes problems such as long-term crops, poor flower bud differentiation and premature aging after application, which in turn reduces the total yield. Therefore, rational choice must be made when buying fertilizer. The commercial fertilizer should be made by the reasonable collocation of NPK production line. When you apply it quickly, it doesn't have to be a good fertilizer. The fertilizer production line factory tells you how long the fertilizer will work.
how long the fertilizer will take effect

Generally speaking, the fertilizer period of fertilizer products is as follows (for reference only):
Ammonium Carbide: Same-day effect, 15-day fertilizer period;
Ammonium chloride: effective for three days, fertilization effect period is 25 days, defertilization in the later period;
Urea: validity period of 7 days, fertilizer validity period of 45 days;
NPK compound fertilizer: 10-day effect, fertilization effect period is 90 days;
Biological fertilizer: generally valid for about one month, the effect on crops with long growth cycle is not very obvious, but the fertilizer effect can last for 6-8 months;
Hormone: The effect is fast, but there is not much nutrition, so it does not have much practical help to increase the yield.
Manufacturers of fertilizer production line remind you that fertilizers require long-term supply. It is best to apply it according to the physiological characteristics of the crop at any time. There is no need to blindly pursue speed.