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Organic fertilizer machine contribute to improve the quality of compost

Composting is a treatment technology for organic components in organic fertilizer production line with organic fertilizer machine. The wastes such as stone, metal and glass not only affect the fermentation process of compost, but also affect the quality of compost. These substances must be sorted out and treated separately. At present, China's urban domestic waste generally adopts a mixed collection method. Although the paper, plastic, etc. in the garbage are greatly reduced after multiple pick-ups by residents, scavengers, sanitation workers, etc., the garbage still contains some non-degradable substances such as metals and waste batteries , Waste lamps, etc.
At present, in the process of composting, the method of mechanical combined with manual sorting is usually adopted. The mechanical sorting methods mainly include screening, wind sorting and magnetic sorting. Taking effective measures to promote the separation and collection of municipal solid waste in China is very necessary to save the cost of compost and improve the quality of compost.
rotary drum granulator machine
The fertilizer granulator machine included the rotary drum granulator machine, new type organic fertilizer machine, and roller press granulator machine. Other series organic fertilizer granulator machine are to be designed for different type. 

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