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Fermentation method of pig manure organic fertilizer production line

(1) Preparation of fermented ripening powder.
Prepare the required raw materials: rice bran (rice bran, millet bran and other rice brans), oil cake (rapeseed cake, peanut cake, castor cake, etc.), soybean meal (residue after processing bean products such as tofu, no matter what kind of beans), sugars (all kinds of sugars and sugary substances), mud or black carbon powder or zeolite powder and yeast powder. According to the formula of rice bran 14,5%, oil cake 14,0%, soybean meal 13,0%, sugar 8,0%, water 50,0% and yeast powder 0,5%, first add sugar to water, stir and dissolve, then add rice bran, oil cake and soybean meal, mix them thoroughly and pile them up, ferment for 30-50 days at the temperature above 60 ℃. Then, black carbon powder or zeolite powder is mixed and diluted according to the weight ratio of 1:1, and carefully stirred.

(2) Compost production.
First, the feces were dried to 30% - 40% moisture. The feces and chopped straw and other bulks are mixed in the proportion of 100:10 by weight, and 1 kg ripening powder is added to every 100 kg of mixed fertilizer, which is fully mixed, and then piled up into a compost pile with a height of 1.5-2 meters in the composting house for fermentation.

During the fermentation period, according to the temperature change of compost, the degree of fermentation maturity of compost can be determined. On the third day after composting, the temperature at 30 cm below the composting surface can reach 70 ℃. The compost can be turned over and thrown by the fertilizer manufacturing equipment. After 10 days of composting, it can be turned over and thrown again.
Compost production

When the compost turning machine turns and throws, the temperature 30 cm below the surface of the compost can reach 80 degrees Celsius, which is almost odorless. When it was turned again, the temperature 30 cm below the surface of the compost was 60 degrees Celsius. After another 10 days, when the compost was mixed for the third time, the temperature 30 cm below the surface of the compost was 40 degrees Celsius, the temperature after mixing was 30 degrees Celsius, and the moisture content was about 30%. Don't mix it up afterwards, wait for it to be cooked. Use a organic fertilizer granulator to process the decomposed organic fertilizer.

After ripening generally takes 3-5 days, up to 10 days. After ripening, composting is made. This kind of high-temperature composting can kill the eggs and weed seeds in the feces, and greatly reduce the number of Escherichia coli, so as to achieve the goal of harmless treatment of organic fertilizer production line.