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Is organic granulation good for extrusion granulation or disc granulation?

Organic fertilizer granulator machine is relatively important equipment in the organic fertilizer production line. It has a direct impact on the quality of granular organic fertilizer. The roundness, uniformity of the granules, and the performance of fertilizers and water retention have a great relationship. So, what are the differences between the several processes of organic fertilizer granulators? What are the impacts on the products? Today, let’s talk about the two processes of organic fertilizer processing of granules produced by disc granulators and roll granulators and different characteristics and respective advantages.
fertilizer granulator machine

Comparison of production process and advantages of disc granulator and counter-roll extrusion granulator:
From the classification of the granulator process between the two, the disc granulator belongs to the process of using high core power pellets, while the extrusion granulator belongs to the roll granulation process. The two processes are separately described below. When fermenting livestock manure, the process after fermentation and maturation is different.

The following is a comparative analysis of the production lines of the disc granulator and the roll extrusion granulator:
First.The process of organic fertilizer production line of disc granulator has the following steps:
1. Crushed and mixed
2. Feed granulation
3. Drying and cooling
4.Screening envelope
5.Packing and storage
6.Dust removal process: drying, cooling and dust disposal in workshop

Second, the process difference of the organic fertilizer production line of the roll extrusion granulator is as follows:
1. Crushed feed
2. Feed granulation
3.Screening and packaging