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Granulation process of compound fertilizer with amino acid

 The NPK fertilizer production process equipment with amino acid method is the latest compound fertilizer production technology in China in recent two years. Compared with the traditional compound fertilizer production process, the amino acid process has developed rapidly with its characteristics of low cost, low energy consumption and high yield, which represents a direction of the development of compound fertilizer technology.
compound fertilizer production
Conventional compound fertilizer production using aggregate method with rotary drum fertilizer granulator machine, use steam to provide heat and moisture, and the method of amino acid granulation is generated when the reaction heat of reaction of amino acid is used to heat the material 2 nh3 + - H2SO4 = (NH4) 2 so4 + heat compared with the traditional complex compound steam heating way, the different methods of heating surface and heated, glycine granulation can heating the material to 80-100 degrees, while the traditional process only 60 degrees or so, it will further improve the solubility of chemical salts in the proportion of liquid phase granulation materials of moisture can reduce 2-3%, into a ball rate increased significantly at the same time.That is to say, in the same size drying system equipment specifications, can greatly improve the drying capacity.

In the control of amino acid reaction process, ammonia is slightly excessive. On the one hand, this is to ensure the full reaction of sulfuric acid and the reasonable PH value of the finished product. On the other hand, slightly excessive ammonia can further neutralize the acidity of ammonium phosphate in the raw material, improve the pellet-forming property of the material, and greatly improve the pellet-forming rate of the material.It is estimated that the pelleting rate of amino acid can reach 60-90%, but only 40-60% according to the conventional process. The change of return ratio directly improves the production capacity of the plant. Generally speaking, if the conventional design of compound fertilizer production line capacity is changed to amino acid production, the general output can be increased by 30%-50%, and the energy consumption per ton of finished products can be reduced by about 40%, which also reflects the development concept of an intensive society.

Due to the improvement of the physical properties of the granulation process into a ball, for the conventional 15-15 – 15,16-16-16 formula, there is no need to add any binder in the fertilizer manufacturing process and can achieve good effect, as for the current market situation, the source of nitrogen in ammonium chloride and urea unit nutrient price under the premise of there is a big gap, can use a lot of low nitrogen source, thus reduces the cost of raw materials to a great extent..