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Compound equipment for NPK fertilizer production line

When producing fertilizer, the NPK fertilizer production line needs a lot of auxiliary equipment to complete the entire granulation production task. Among the auxiliary equipment, one is mixing equipment for mixing materials.
NPK fertilizer production line

In many production processes, a mixer is used to mix materials. The following Tianci compound fertilizer equipment will simply introduce a double spiral cone mixer to everyone.

Double spiral cone mixer is a combination of motor, reducer, bracket, short and long spirals, shell parts and other parts. The housing has a feed inlet, a discharge outlet and a body seat. There are two types of reducer: cycloid pin gear reduction and worm gear reduction. The design of the double-screw stirring rod part uses double cantilever, unequal length, unequal spiral distance, different speed,

Asynchronous revolution design, the double spirals rotate around their centerlines and revolve around the conical centerlines, so that the materials are fully mixed. Due to the use of advanced technology to design and manufacture, the blended materials will not be ground and crushed, and there is no column angle, deposition and other phenomena. The material size is 20 ~ 200 mesh, and the mixing time is 5 ~ 8min. The discharge device is provided with a manual or electric mechanism. The housing and the parts in contact with the material are suitable for stainless steel. This equipment can also be equipped with a water spraying mechanism according to the requirements of the production process.

This equipment is intermittent operation, so a suitable mixer should be selected according to the production scale of blended fertilizers. Generally, two or more mixers should be equipped to keep the production mobile to meet the needs of the market.

This kind of equipment is the supporting production equipment in the entire compound fertilizer production equipment. We can calculate the specific usage model and specifications according to our production volume. If the specification of the mixing equipment is too large, it may cause energy waste. Too small will affect the normal production, so be sure to choose the right one.

We are fertilizer machine manufacturers; we can supply different kinds of fertilizer machines, including the mixing machine, welcome to inquiry.