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Compost turning machine used in organic fertilizer production

 With the development of the society,people have much demand on the fertilizer for the plant to get good harvest,the organic fertilizer help a lot in the agricultural development,but as time goes on,the situation is changing,we still need the organic fertilizer for the plant growing,but also to care about the environment.

In the organic fertilizer production line,one important part is fermentation.all the materials need to be fermented first into the compost.but the early time composting process was static composting,this way is not good to supply enough oxygen gas for the fermentation,it will produce a lot of hydrogen sulfide and other odors,and there is a risk to explose.Later in the middle of last century,the compost tuning machine was can improve the oxygen in the fermentation and the shape of the the machine is very popular in the organic fertilizer production.

We mainly have simple groove turning machine,crawlertype turning machine and double-screws turning machine.

For the simple groove turning machine,it's very common used in the organic fertilizer production now.when it's working,there need the compost grooves and the moving machine together.the capacity can varity from samll to can turn the raw materials well and supply enough oxygen to shorten the fermentation period.

For the crawler type machine,the most special of this kind is there is no need to build the compost can work directly on the ground.for those who don't want to build the gooves,this is an ideal's also good to the new beginners to produce the organic fertilzier.

For the double-screws turning machine,it's special for large capacity,it's better the compost goove is longer than 6's high effient and durable.