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Composition and principle of complete organic fertilizer process

The operation of a complete set of organic fertilizer manufacturing process is a little complicated. This equipment has many components, which have been improved a lot on the basis of traditional equipment. Now the scope of application is relatively wide.
What equipment is included in the complete organic fertilizer process? The first thing we need to know about this issue is the production process of organic fertilizer, which includes: fermentation → crushing → ingredients → stirring → granulation → shaping → drying → cooling → sieving → packaging. We take the most common organic fertilizer made from poultry manure as an example. The specific applications include fermentation stacker, semi-wet material crusher, double paddle mixer, organic fertilizer granulator, dryer, cooler, and screening Equipment, packaging scales.

fertilizer production line
The core equipment for making organic fertilizer is the organic fertilizer granulator and dryer. You need to choose the corresponding granulation equipment and drying equipment according to the different materials.
The organic fertilizer granulator is mainly composed of disc granulator and agitator granulator. The equipments chosen for the two are different due to different materials. The number of disc granulators is one type of spray granulation. The process and operation are very simple.

The compressed granules have a large water content, which increases part of the drying cost. The tooth stirring granulator is a new type of organic fertilizer granulation equipment developed by taking advantage of the shortcomings. It shields certain shortcomings, so that the materials are evenly distributed under the action of centrifugal force at the same time as the high-speed operation, the streamline is good and the density is high, and the molding rate of the difficult-to-bond materials is large, and the application range is wide.