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Coating machine of fertilizer equipment to prevent fertilizer granules from caking

Specialized fertilizer production line equipment coating machine can prevent fertilizer caking. Huaqiang coating machine is composed of screw conveyor, mixing tank, oil pump, main engine, etc. It adopts powder powder spraying or liquid coating technology. If you want to produce organic fertilizer, NPK compound fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer, you can choose the coating machine produced by our factory. The coating effect is better than preservation, and the production capacity can reach 2-45 tons per hour.

Rotary coating machine is a kind of equipment designed to solve the problem of stacking, rewetting and agglomeration of granular fertilizer. The fertilizer coating machine uses a special liquid raw material or a spraying process combined with solid powder. After the fertilizer is made into granules by the rotary drum granulator, the coating machine forms a protective film on the surface of the granules to isolate it from the outside air, thereby effectively preventing the salt bridge effect and moisture absorption on the surface of the fertilizer, and also improving the surface brightness of the granules. And some trace elements can be appropriately added during the processing to improve fertilizer efficiency.
fertilizer coating machine

The processing of the coating machine can prolong the function of the fertilizer in the soil and effectively improve the application effect of NPK fertilizer. Polypropylene lining is used in the main engine, which is corrosion resistant and durable. When the finished product particles uniformly flow into the rotating coating machine in the NPK production line and roll continuously, the prepared oil like mixed coating agent is sprayed into the surface of the particles with the help of compressed air and nozzle, so that a uniform protective film is coated on the surface of the particles.

There are many types of fertilizer coating machines, which can be customized according to customer requirements, and the general construction period is about 10 days. Equipment cost-effective, customers can come to our factory to visit the test machine, looking forward to win-win cooperation with you.