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How to choose the mixer in the fertilizer production

 The mixer is a mixing and stirring device used in the organic fertilizer production line. There are three types of mixer equipment, such as horizontal mixer, double shaft mixer and disc mixer, which are commonly used in organic fertilizer processing. When buying organic fertilizer production line equipment, what are the characteristics of these three mixers, how to choose them? Below we introduce the difference of three organic fertilizer mixers from the mixing effect, capacity and mixer equipment characteristics to help customers to buy.

1. Mixing effect of the mixer equipment:
1.1. Horizontal mixer, using the blades on the mixing shaft to raise the material and then drop it to complete a mixing frequency. The usual agitation is suitable for mixing and mixing of powder, small pellets and semi-wet materials. The mixing effect is medium. Production efficiency is average.
1.2. Double-shaft mixer, using quantitative raw material to flow into the agitation tank from the feeding port, sprayed to the raw powder through a certain amount of water atomization, and the shaft of the qualitative length is stirred by the stirring blade to form a ball with uniform water content. The core is transported to the pre-added water into a spherical disk. The whole agitation is also divided into three areas of atomization, mixing and discharging, so as to achieve a better stirring effect through a lower speed. The stirring effect is better. Productivity is higher.
1.3. Disc mixer, disc mixer adopts cycloidal pinwheel reducer. The effect is medium. Production efficiency is average.

2. Comparison of wear resistance of mixing machine equipment:
2.1. The horizontal mixer, the high peripheral speed of the stirring blade and the rotation trajectory of the blade, etc., the wear of the single-shaft mixer is larger than that of the twin-shaft mixer. Therefore, the maintenance cost is increased by using expensive special steel.
2.2. Double-shaft mixer, the mixing blade of the organic fertilizer mixer equipment mostly uses a welded hard alloy cutter head, which has good wear resistance and long service life.
2.3. Disc mixer, using disc type vertical axial agitation, during the circumferential mixing process, the agitation wear is medium, and the wear resistance is medium.

3. Comparison of production capacity of mixing machine equipment:
3.1. Horizontal mixer, in the comparison of three organic fertilizer mixer equipment, the efficiency is generally lower than the two-axis mixer. Stir between 2-15 tons.
3.2. Double-axis mixer, due to the use of two-axis, the mixing efficiency is also greatly improved, which is several times more than the other two. The amount of agitation per hour is between 20 and 45 tons.
3.3. Disc mixer, similar to horizontal mixer, the efficiency is general. Stir approximately 2-16 tons per hour.

4. Load starts comparison of the mixer equipment:
Horizontal mixers, twin-shaft mixers, and disc mixers can all be started under load.

5. The transmission of the mixer equipment, all of which use belt drive.

6. Mixer equipment characteristics: all three have overload protection, easy maintenance, simple and convenient operation.

Understand the characteristics and comparison of the above three organic fertilizer mixer; you can have a reference basis when purchasing organic fertilizer mixer equipment. Zhengzhou Huaqiang Heavy Industry produces all three kinds of mixer, welcome to purchase. As mentioned in the article, if the capacity requirements are high, it is ideal to choose a two-axis mixer. If the capacity requirements are not high, choose a horizontal mixer or a disc mixer with a relatively low price.