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Processing of chicken manure organic fertilizer

The organic fertilizer manufacturing process firstly needs to go through the rot process of chicken manure, and then add the appropriate biological functional bacteria agent to be processed into biological organic fertilizer.
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一. Production process
1. Material preparation: main material: chicken manure and fertilizer thoroughly decomposed after one fermentation; functional fermentation fungus.
2. Site selection: select a leeward and flat terrain for operation.
二. Operation requirements
1. The size of the fermentation pile is: 0.8-1 meters high, 2.0 meters wide, unlimited length.
2. The water content of the fermentation reactor is 55-65%, and the moisture loss of the fermented fertilizer in one fermentation needs to be added.
3. The average temperature in the pile is lower than 55 degrees, fermentation for 7 days, if the temperature is too high, turn the pile or spread it evenly. The temperature drops to about 30 degrees, spread out, and dry naturally.
三. Specific operation
1. Fertilizer once fermented adjusts moisture to about 60%.
2. Add the bacteria uniformly and stir the fermented fertilizer at one time, pile up naturally, don't use a shovel to pat it. In case of rain, cover with plastic film.
3. The use amount of the secondary fermentation functional bacterial agent is 5 ‰ (that is, the added amount per ton is 5 kg).
At this time, whether the organic chicken manure is completely rotted, whether it is made into powdered organic fertilizer with simple equipment or granulated with an organic fertilizer granulator machine, the finished product can be sold.