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Main characteristics of solid liquid separator for farm wastewater

Many farms are not unfamiliar with solid-liquid separator equipment, which is essential in their daily production. After separating the feces and sewage to be treated, the animal feces can be fermented into organic manure, which can be regularly dumped by the compost turning machine, while the fecal water can be fermented with biogas.

The design of solid-liquid separator has been recognized by everyone. Here are the main features of solid-liquid separator for slaughterhouse sewage.

1. The solid-liquid separator is controlled by PLC, which can automatically detect the start of high water level, stop of low water level and delay cleaning, and realize 24-hour unattended automatic operation;

2. Good sealing, good working environment, strong ability of continuous work and handling ability;

3. The use area of slaughterhouse sewage separator is small, generally only about 10 square meters;

4. Fecal solid-liquid separator is cheap, easy to install and maintain, relatively low cost and low maintenance cost;

5. The shell, spiral dragon and screen of the equipment are made of stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant and not easy to rust. The parts easy to wear are treated with wear-resistant coating.

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