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Characteristics of fermentation equipment of compost turning machine in fermentation tank

According to the market demand and soil testing results in different places, the composting of organic raw materials after long-term fermentation can achieve three purposes, one is harmless; the other is humus; the third is to produce a large number of microbial metabolites, such as various antibiotics, proteins and so on. Compost fermentation is an indispensable step in organic fertilizer production. Compost turning machine plays an important role in organic fertilizer processing.

Characteristics of fermentation tank turner machine

fermentation tank compost turner machine
1. The main shaft of the fermentation tank tipper adopts the left and right spiral long cutter bar and small shaft diameter. The movement makes the material turn evenly, with good air permeability, high crushing rate and low resistance.

2. This fermentation equipment has the advantages of high efficiency, stable operation, flexible installation, easy operation, strong adaptability to the site, simple maintenance and easy operation.

3. The shape is fully sealed, safe and reliable. The electric appliance adopts one box full control, which makes it easy to operate and safe. The compost after fermentation is used for fertilizer granulator processing.

4. The transmission part adopts large pitch chain transmission, which makes the power efficiency high, the noise low, the operation stable, does not skid.