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Introduction to the processing technology of cattle manure organic fertilizer production line

 The cow manure after composting has realized harmless and stable treatment,which has reached the basic conditions for the utilization of organic manure as a resource,but it has not yet reached the degree of commericialization and sales in the market,and its application effect and scope of use are still limited.Therefore,it is necessary to further proces the compost materials into powdery or granular organic manure with commerical properties through the sunsequent composting process fertilizer,organic-inorganic compound fertilizer and other products.Organic fertilizer production line to be designed for producing the organic fertilizer using the cattle manure.
The organic-inorganic compound fertilizser has dual characteristics,which is,it has the characteristics of long-term effect of organic fertilizer,improving soil and acticvating organic nutrients in soil,and it has the characteristics of high nutrient and quick effect of inorganic fertilizer.It complements each other's advantages and makes up for each defect,so as to achieve the integration of quick and long-term effect of fertilizer.Organic fertilizer products can support granular or be made to process organic fertilizer into granular products,with cylindrical and spherical particle shape.When making the organic fertilizer granulator,the fertilizer granulator machine is necessary fertilizer machine to finish the granulating process.In organic fertilizer production line we can use the disc granulator machine or the flat die granulator machine to make the organic fertilizer granulator.
organic fertilizer production line
Organic fertilizer products can support granular or be made into powder,which depends on market demand.In order to balance nutrients and bu suitable for transportation and storage,it is recommended to process organic fertilizer into granular products,with cylindrical and spherical particle shape.The moisture content of finished product particles shall be:organic fertilizer ≤ 20%; organic-inorganic compound fertilizer ≤ 10%. The processing technology of organic fertilizer mainly includes crushing, batching, mixing, granulating, drying, cooling, screening and packaging. The production capacity of single production line equipment is suitable for 1-10T / h. if it is too small, it will not reach the economic scale. If it is too large, it will increase the difficulty of transportation and storage of raw materials and finished products.
As the professional fertilizer machine manufacturers,we also designed other fertilizer production project to make fertilizer.For example,the biofertilizer project to be designed for producing the bio organic fertilizer.In the fertilizer manufacturing process,it is to be equipped with different type and series fertilizer equipment to finish the production process.