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Biogas residue organic fertilizer granulator

Household biogas is a rural energy eco-agriculture construction project, and the waste generated can also be recycled and reused by using biogas residue organic fertilizer granulator machine to produce organic fertilizer. In this way, using renewable energy as a starting point, it changed the backward production and lifestyle in the past, reached the goal of increasing agricultural income and protecting the ecological environment, and achieved the goal of sustainable development.
organic fertilizer production line

Generally speaking, household biogas is a kind of organic matter produced by human and livestock manure, straw, sewage and other organic substances placed in a closed biogas tank under a certain temperature, moisture, PH, and anaerobic conditions. Combustible gas for production and living of farmers. The biogas slurry and biogas residues after biogas fermentation provide high-quality and efficient organic fertilizers for crops, and provide nutritious food sources for pigs, livestock, and poultry. In this way, a benign development chain of farmers 'life-biogas fermentation-eco-agriculture is formed, the rural energy structure is improved, the production and development of planting and breeding industries are promoted, and the purposes of agricultural efficiency and farmers' income are achieved.

The biogas residue organic fertilizer granulator is the same as the granulator used for other raw materials, and the machine is selected according to the type of organic fertilizer required. In the early stage, you can use the biogas slurry biogas residue solid-liquid separator to remove excess water, and then use a compost turning machine to ferment. For general biogas residue organic fertilizer production line, we recommend the use of a relatively simple structure of tooth-granulation granulators, and for organic-inorganic compound fertilizers, special new-type compound fertilizer granulators can be used. Crops, vegetables, fruits, etc., which have been treated with biogas residue organic fertilizer as the bottom fertilizer, have no pollution, no pollution, good quality, and are good green food. After the biogas residue is piled and fermented, it should be used as a base fertilizer for deep application. When applied to the paddy field, it is best to apply it when plowing and mix it with soil. When applied to dry land, it is best to apply it concentratedly, and then cover it with a thick layer of soil. For example, fertilize before the cultivated land, and the fertilizer enters the soil after the cultivated land.