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Application of windrow compost turner in the production of organic fertilizer equipment

Windrow turner is a kind of walking compost turning machine. There is no need to build fermentation tank in the process of organic fertilizer fermentation, which can effectively reduce infrastructure investment and increase land utilization.
First of all, the materials (livestock manure, straw, etc.) are piled into long strips, and the compost turning machine is used to overturn the stacked materials, and the organic matter is decomposed under aerobic conditions. In the later stage of fermentation, the composting dumper also has the crushing function and powerful function.


The turning machine is widely used in the dumping and fermentation of various materials (livestock manure, sludge filter, straw, slaughterhouse waste, edible fungi, etc.). The material after fermentation is suitable for pelleting by rotary drum granulator.

How to use

When the chicken manure fermentation turning and throwing machine is driving, the whole vehicle rides on the long strip of fertilizer that has been piled up in advance, and the rotating knife shaft mounted under the frame performs fluffing, turning, and shifting of the raw materials of the fertilizer base. After that, a new stack of bars was formed. It can be carried out in an open field or in a workshop.
The low-speed diesel engine is used as the power source, the movement is transmitted through the power transmission, the machete is used to rotate the material, and the work of the stacker is controlled by the personnel.
windrow compost turner

Characteristics of compost turning machine

The turner machine adopts four-wheel walking design, which can move forward, backward and turn. It is controlled and driven by one person. During driving, the whole vehicle straddles the long strip fertilizer base which is piled in advance. The rotating cutter shaft mounted under the frame is used to stir, fluffy and move the fertilizer based raw materials. After passing, the new strip pile is formed. The machine can be used in open outdoor field or in workshop shed.

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