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Application of Cage Crusher in NPK fertilizer production

 The cage crusher is a medium-sized horizontal cage crusher. It consists of main components such as rack, casing, rat wheel, mouse wheel and two electric motors. It is widely used in organic minerals, NPK fertilizer production, granule crushing of NPK compound fertilizer raw materials, and fertilizer crushing. It can pulverize various single chemical fertilizers with water content below 6%, especially suitable for materials with high hardness. It is a nemesis of hard grain materials such as monoammonium, diammonium and urea.

Working principle
The machine is designed according to the principle of impact crushing. During operation, two motors respectively drive two large and small cages that are interspersed and nested together for reverse high-speed rotation and enclosed in the casing. The small and medium-sized materials enter the inner ring of the small cage ring through the inlet of the casing, and are sheared, impacted and collided with each other by the two high-speed rotating cages of opposite rotation directions under the action of centrifugal force. The pulverized material is sent to the screening machine by the bucket elevator, and the qualified fine materials enter the next process, and the coarse materials are still sent back to the machine for crushing.

Precautions for use: Place the crusher machine in a certain position on the workshop before use. It can be used without the equipment foundation. The fineness of the pulverization is controlled by the spacing of the two rollers. The smaller the spacing, the finer the fineness and the lower the output. The better the uniform pulverization effect and the relatively high output, the equipment can be designed to be mobile according to the user's requirements, and the user can move to the corresponding position when using it, and it is very convenient to remove when not in use.

Product advantages
1. Cage crusher has the characteristics of simple structure, reasonable design, high crushing efficiency, good sealing performance and stable operation.
2. The crushed material is uniform, the floor space is small, the maintenance is convenient, the cleaning is easy, and the service life is long.

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