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Granular organic compound fertilizer

For industrially produced fertilizers the product has the form of granules.
The particle size distribution of the multi-component fertilizers is of elementary importance: only a balanced grain distribution without dust allows modern fertilizer spreaders to reach an optimal throw which can be up to 25 m. For the user this means less effort during application of NPK composite fertilizer.
Organic fertilizer granulator machine in the processing and production of organic fertilizer, a series of equipment will be processed to achieve the final effect. The quantitative feeding device is an important part in the production of organic fertilizer. It mainly deals with the large pieces of straw in production.

Two kinds organic fertilizer granulator machine:
Rotary drum granulator machine is a kind of oragnic fertilizer granulator machine in organic fertilizer production line.
Roller press granulator machine to be used for extrusion granulation method.