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Agricultural ecological balance needs the support of organic fertilizer equipment


Organic fertilizer is the focus of food production, is the core of the food chain, food chain health and safety is fundamental to the country. Green fertilizer is produced by organic fertilizer production line, which increases the protection of food safety. At the same time, organic fertilizer equipment enterprises should also have the stability of the shelter industry market, increase the development of materials and the research and development of animal fermentation harmless management skills, and better shelter the green fertilizer market. The current agricultural development urgently needs organic fertilizer equipment, always in order to seek production, the disadvantages of extreme application of chemical fertilizers have gradually emerged, soil nutrient imbalance, green quality reduction, and to improve this situation, first of all, stop the application of chemical fertilizers, use green fertilizer to warm and nourish the soil, so that the soil gradually restore vitality, to improve food production. As a manufacturer, we should take a long-term view, strive to develop new equipment, and seek new and more convenient and useful prospects for agricultural ecological balance.