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Advantages of using organic fertilizer

 Using the organic fertilizer,which it can produce by using the organic fertilizer production line,has many advantages.What advantages of the organic fertilizer has?
1.Comprehensive nutrients,long-lasting fertilizer effect
There are not only a large number of essential nutrients and microelements for plants,but also rich organic nutrients,such as humic acid,vitamins,auxin,antibiotics and small molecular compounds of organic nitrogen and phosphorus.So organic fertilizer is the most comprehensive fertilizer.In addition,the application amount of organic fertilizer is allowed to vary greatly,which generally does not harm the growth of crops.The application of organic fertilizer can not only increase the yield of crops in the current season,but also have an effect on crops after,generally,the effect is slow and lasting.
2.Improve physical and chemical properties of soil and improve soil fertility
Organic fertilizer contains a lot of organic matter,generally about 200g/kg.Organic matter is an important material basis of soil fertility.The main body of soil organic matter is humus,accounting for 50%-65% of the total amount of soil organic matter.Humus is a kind of complex organic colloid,which can adjust and buffer the ph value of soil,increase the amount of good soil structure,especially the increase of watre stable aggregate structure,so as to improve the tightness,aeration,water retention and heat status of the soil,which has a good role in determining the water,fertilizer,gas and heat status of soil fertility.It is benefical to improve the physical and chemical properties of soil and improve the soil fertility.
organic fertilizer production line
3.Promoting soil microbial activites
Soil microorganisms plays an important role in the process of organic matter transformation and is one of the important indicators to measure the level of soil fertility.For example,the mineralization process of legumes are all related to the role of soil microorganisms.Therefore,on the one hand,the application of organic fertilizer increases the number and population of soil benefical significantly enhances the activities of soil microorganisms.
4.Maintaining and promoting soil nutrients balance
All kinds of nutrients that plants take from the soil can be returned to the soil through the application of organic fertilizer and in the form of plant residues.The degree of regression mainly depends on whether all kinds of organic fertilizer sources are fully accumulated,reasonably accumulated and applied,and the rate of residue returning to the field.Only by grasping this balance link in agricultural production can be the soil fertility be spirally increased under the condition of combined application of chemical fertilizer.Therefore,the application of organic fertilizer is an important measure of soil fertility.
5.Reduce fertilizer input cost
Organic fertilizer can be used locally,which it can be made into organic fertilizer granulator by using the fertilizer granulator machine,with wide source and low cost.The increase of organic fertilizer can not only improve soil fertility and increase soil nutrients,but also improve the utilization rate of chemical fertilizer,correspondingly reduce the application amount of chemical fertilizer,so as to reduce the cost of agricultural investment.The above characteristics and functions of organic fertilizer determine its irreplaceable important role in modern sustainable agriculture.
By using the fertilizer production line to make organic fertilizer,which it designed by the fertilizer machine manufacturers,not only improve the working efficient,it also save more labor cost.At the same time,it also increase the production of the organic fertilizer in the market.