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Organic fertilizer equipment helps waste recycling

 As a by-product of the paper industry, pulp and paper residues such as waste paper sludge are often managed through landfill or incineration. By drying the material and in some cases pelletizing it, producers can convert their waste into more marketable soil amendment products. Has extensive experience in promoting the reuse of papermaking sludge and residues through organic fertilizer production equipment drying and organic fertilizer granulator machine.

Papermaking sludge waste recycling drying granulation equipment, drying can reduce the moisture content, making papermaking sludge easier to manage and smaller in size, suitable for use as mulch, carrier or additive. Designed around the unique qualities of a particular source of paper sludge, rotary dryers offer an efficient and reliable option in this case. Once dried, the material can be upgraded into a premium soil amendment or fertilizer product using a rotary drum granulator, allowing for the inclusion of any nutrients or beneficial additives. Depending on the desired product characteristics, one or more pieces of equipment can be used alone or in combination to create a granulation operation: pin mixers, mixers, disc granulators, granulation drums, rotary dryers after the granulation process Reduce the moisture content of the product to its final form to obtain a stable, storable product.

With waste recycling compost production becoming a driving force in every industry, there are many opportunities to recover and reuse these hidden resources. Through process development services and the design of custom process equipment, Zhengzhou Huaqiang organic fertilizer machine manufacturers can support producers every step of the way in their waste recycling efforts. For more information on our testing services or equipment, please contact us today!