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The operation method of the organic fertilizer crusher before starting


In order to ensure the normal operation and service life of the organic fertilizer crusher, some specific operating steps must be carried out before the organic fertilizer equipment is turned on. Below, I'll outline these steps.

First of all, ensure that there is no debris around the machine, especially wires and flammable items, in order to prevent accidents. Second, check the various parts of the machine, such as bearings, chains or belts, to make sure they are not worn or loose.

Next, open the feed port of the machine and check for blockage. If blockage is found, it should be cleaned in time to ensure that the machine can feed normally. At the same time, we should also pay attention to check the discharge port of the machine to ensure smooth discharge, so as not to affect the production efficiency of the organic fertilizer production line.

After completing the above checks, turn off the power to the machine and then start it up. Before starting, make sure all safety measures are in place, such as shields, safety labels, etc. In addition, if the machine needs to handle liquid or particulate matter, it is also necessary to verify that the operation is correct.

During the startup process, attention should be paid to the running state of the machine, including sound, temperature and vibration. If there is abnormal sound, excessive temperature or excessive vibration, the machine should be stopped immediately for inspection and maintenance.

Finally, shut down the machine and clean up the site. During the cleaning process, attention should be paid to protecting the surface and parts of the machine to avoid damage or contamination. At the same time, we should also pay attention to the proper disposal of waste to protect the environment.