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The market is not without the support of organic fertilizer granulator


With the progress of sustainable development and environmental protection ideas, organic fertilizer granulator has gradually replaced fertilizer products, playing a more and more important role in the production and deep processing of crops, Zhengzhou Huaqiang Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd. as a senior organic fertilizer equipment production and processing manufacturers in Henan that the market development is not without the support of organic fertilizer granulation equipment.

According to the latest news of the China Quality Inspection network, industry and commerce bureaus across the country have carried out a series of tests on the quality of organic granulation equipment in the circulation field, but the results are not optimistic, and the quality of organic fertilizer production line equipment produced and sold by many manufacturers is not qualified. Because the State Administration of Industry and Commerce in the testing is found that the product identification content of many organic fertilizer equipment is often incomplete or confused with the concept, misleading the use of many consumers, which will lead to the uneven division of the total nutrients of organic fertilizer produced by many equipment, which will seriously lead to poor crop growth or production reduction in most areas, and bring great losses to the majority of consumers. Over the years, our company has been strict quality control, adhering to the concept of integrity and entrepreneurship, with a rigorous scientific attitude, treat the production and sales of organic fertilizer granulation equipment, the company in strict quality control at the same time, also pay attention to the problem of product identification and labeling, which not only greatly improve the quality of organic fertilizer granulation equipment, in this period, at the same time, Also greatly increased the credibility of the enterprise, if the consumer has trust in the enterprise, then it will certainly trust the products produced by the enterprise, which makes the company's organic fertilizer granulation equipment in this year's sales rose sharply.