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The development of organic fertilizer equipment will be a bright spot


The future development of organic fertilizer equipment With the upgrading of consumption, energy saving and consumption reduction, the current demand for organic food is very large, and organic fertilizer equipment will also usher in greater development opportunities. At present, the main reason is that the price of fertilizer fluctuates, restricted by coal, natural gas, ore and other resources is increasing. Of course, the mixed use of organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer also improves the quality and quality of products, helping farmers to obtain better economic benefits. It is a special base for organic fertilizer to organic green food for food safety issues of general concern. Producing organic food provides security. The main reasons for restricting the development of the agricultural fertilizer industry are as follows:

1. Fertilizer source and quality between enterprises are uneven, lack of unified product standards, it is difficult to directly distinguish its advantages and disadvantages;

2. The enterprise's organic fertilizer production line technology is relatively simple, and the industrialization development is slow;

3. Although organic fertilizer is conducive to the enhancement of land fertility, compared with fertilizer, the fertilizer effect is slower, and it needs to be slowly reflected in land fertility over time.