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Structure and use of organic fertilizer drum fertilizer cooler


After the fertilizer drying in the organic fertilizer production line, due to the high temperature, the moisture is slightly larger, the particle structure is not enough, or it affects further processing, some manufacturers increase the cooling equipment. Ecological organic fertilizer production, generally with drum fertilizer cooler.

The organic fertilizer equipment adopts a horizontal drum structure, the gear rotates, and the surface is like a dryer, which can reduce the temperature of the material. For organic fertilizer or compound fertilizer production, cooling a certain temperature and particle size of the fertilizer, with the dryer used. It can greatly improve the cooling speed, reduce labor intensity and increase output. Further remove part of the water and reduce the grain temperature of the fertilizer. At the same time, it can be used for the cooling of other powdery and granular materials. The cooling machine has the advantages of compact structure, high cooling efficiency, reliable performance and strong adaptability. And has a certain plastic function.