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Organic fertilizer granulator contributes to the sustainable development of agriculture


Why do we insist on sustainable agricultural development without organic fertilizer granuator? As we can see, the acceleration of social progress, along with the rapid progress of scientific and technological development, people's quality requirements for materials are also getting higher and higher, the awareness of green, ecological environmental protection is increasing, and in the future development, only environmental protection, green, pollution-free can be fully recognized by people. Therefore, the traditional manure, garbage and other nutritional fertilization methods will not only cause some harm to the environment, but also the effect can not be fully played, and the application of organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer, microbial fertilizer and chemical fertilizer more and more, organic fertilizer granulator and other granulation equipment into people's life and production. From another point of view, the organic fertilizer granulator will be human, livestock, poultry and other feces with special technology to make organic fertilizer, not only good effect, but also have a good effect on the proliferation of microorganisms in the soil, these active factors can adjust the soil structure, improve the quality of fruits and vegetables produced by the planting industry, and fertilize the soil, have a very obvious effect. In particular, due to the long-term use of chemical fertilizers caused by the reduction of microorganisms in the soil, salt accumulation caused by soil compaction, for these soil conditions, the application of human manure made of organic fertilizer can be completely improved. Of course, these organic fertilizers need to be processed by organic fertilizer crusher, organic fertilizer conveyor, disc granulator, extrusion granulator and other organic fertilizer equipment. In China's agriculture has been adhering to the sustainable development strategy, and organic fertilizer pelletizer equipment for the sustainable development of agriculture has a vital role, and the traditional direct application of organic fertilizer will certainly cause pollution to the environment, so the need for granulation equipment and a series of organic fertilizer production line equipment, only in this way can organic fertilizer more vigorously support the sustainable development of agriculture.