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Organic fertilizer granulation equipment to create an environmentally friendly green future


Now the response to the national policy is the best result, now there are a large number of organic food in society, organic food is also recognized by the people of the food, organic food is the use of organic fertilizer granulator produced by the organic fertilizer and produced organic food. In order to comply with the national policy, to develop green circular agriculture as its own responsibility, improve customer economic benefits, invented the organic fertilizer production line, is the best choice of organic fertilizer equipment, the entire production process is carried out in the aerobic state, no odor production. At present, China's organic fertilizers are roughly divided into four categories according to different products: first, refined organic fertilizers, such fertilizers do not contain microorganisms with specific effects, and mainly provide organic matter and a small amount of nutrients; The second is organic inorganic compound fertilizer, this kind of fertilizer is made from the mixture or combination of organic and inorganic fertilizers, which contains a certain proportion of organic matter and contains higher nutrients; The third is biological organic fertilizer, such fertilizer products in addition to contain more organic matter, but also contain functional microorganisms to improve the fertilizer or soil nutrient release capacity; The fourth is the composite microbial fertilizer, such fertilizer products not only contain organic fertilizer and functional microorganisms, but also add inorganic ingredients. Therefore, driven by the development trend, organic fertilizer granulation equipment manufacturers are not only to achieve continuous improvement of technology, but also to integrate automation technology to reduce the production cost of enterprises, so as to maximize the production efficiency of enterprises, in order to make the market indispensable organic fertilizer granulation equipment manufacturers become the dominant player in the development of fertilizer processing industry.