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Method to improve the screening efficiency of fertilizer screening machine

 Fertilizer screener machine is an essential equipment in agricultural production, which is used for fine classification and screening of fertilizers. However, in actual operation, the screening efficiency is often not satisfactory. The following are some ways to improve the screening efficiency of fertilizer screening machines:

1. Regular maintenance and maintenance: regularly check the various components of organic fertilizer equipment to ensure its normal operation. This includes checking that the screen is intact, that the screen holes are blocked, and that the transmission is working properly.

2. Correct selection of screen: Select the appropriate screen according to the size of fertilizer particles that need to be screened. Too large or too small screen will affect the screening effect.

3. Regular cleaning of the screen: the blockage of the screen will affect the screening efficiency, so it needs to be cleaned regularly. It can be cleaned using manual or mechanical tools to ensure that the screen is unimpeded.

4. Adjust the screening speed: Appropriate adjustment of the screening speed can improve the screening effect. Too fast or too slow screening speed will affect the passing rate of particles.

5. Increase vibration strength: Vibration strength is one of the important factors affecting the screening efficiency. Appropriate vibration intensity can improve screening efficiency while reducing particle loss.

6. Use of auxiliary equipment: In some cases, the use of auxiliary equipment such as air suction fans can better help the screening machine to work and improve screening efficiency.

7. Optimize the production process: rationally arrange the production process of the organic fertilizer production line to avoid the fertilizer staying in the screening machine for too long, so as not to affect the screening effect.