Small NPK pelletizing production line sent to Indonesia

On the 23rd, after careful and busy loading by Huaqiang fertilizer granulator factory workers, a NPK production line was ready to be sent to Indonesia.
Small NPK pelletizing production line sent to IndonesiaSmall NPK pelletizing production line sent to Indonesia

The features of the NPK production line are as follows:

1. Roller granulator with NPK production line can choose a variety of models, is the resource reuse equipment.

2. The granulation temperature of roller granulator is below 50 ℃, the mixing, crushing and grinding of raw materials are less, the microorganism and enzyme are not killed, and the high quality biological fertilizer and feed can be produced.

3. The working principle is to send the raw materials into the double roller of the granulator, compress the raw materials and extrude the granules (oval shape)

4. For a wide range of raw materials, the most suitable moisture conditions (moisture content less than 10%) can be selected to produce high-quality particles.

5. Because it is low-temperature granulation, it can be dried and packaged by short-time exposure to the sun. The NPK production line has no dryer and cooler.

6. Low power consumption, energy saving, can control the production cost.